Experience the Farm at Den Branderhorst

Have you ever cuddled with cows?

Den Branderhorst Farm is a beautiful old farm in the middle of rural nature in the Achterhoek. Cows have been milked at the Farm for 150 years! Time seems to stand still. You are immediately in another world when you enter our yard.

With this film you get a good impression of your holiday on our farm.

With us you can sleep in beautiful, luxurious safari tents with private sanitary facilities. But also cuddling chickens, rabbits and cows, having your children's party, playing until your eyes close, making a campfire or witch's soup, meeting with your colleagues... and much more!

This is how cow cuddling looks like! (Dutch spoken)

For a wonderful holiday or a relaxing day out

You can also come to us for a weekend away!

Cow cuddling

Would you like to enjoy a special outing that will leave you completely relaxed? Sitting against a warm cow's body, petting and cuddling cows is an unforgettable experience. Together with farmer Eddy or farmer Anne-Marie you experience the peace and warmth of sweet cows that like to be cuddled.

Cozy wooden houses

Cozy wooden houses for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children with use of a double hammock, barbecue and outdoor stove. Our three houses are called Buffel, Jopie and Zidane. Just like the other lodging options on the farm, they are close to farm life!

*You will be forwarded to the website of our partner natuurhuisje.nl

Luxury safari tents

We rent out 15 luxury 6-person safari tents in collaboration with Farmcamps. The tents are cosily furnished with a kitchenette, really lovely beds and a hay house. This is a playhouse for the children and a box bed with cozy sleeping places. You also have your own shower, toilet and sink.

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What others are saying about their time at Den Branderhorst Farm

Be welcome and enjoy the peace and quietness in our yard.

Fantastic experience to cuddle with cows! Afterwards there is more than enough to see on the farm, so you can enjoy a nice drink. Farmer Eddy and Farmer Anne-Marie are very hospitable and friendly. Highly recommended for both children and adults.


Source: Google Review

Nicely furnished, complete tiny house on a field with 2 other houses at a farm where there is also a field of luxury tents on the other side. There is sufficient distance between the houses. Hard work is done on the farm and it is wonderful for children to help out, get an insight into farm life and have fun playing.


Source: Natuurhuisje.nl

What a nice place! Beautiful and clean tents from Farmcamps around a large field where the children can play. In the evening a campfire with the farmer's wife and playing until late with all the camping friends. At the end of the afternoon, the cows are taken out of the meadow and everyone helps. The ice creams from the ice cream farm's freezer are very tasty. As well as the well-maintained bbq at the tent! Wonderful Pentecost weekend!


Source: FarmCamps
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